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GLI announces Greater Louisville 2020 campaign accomplishments to date

Greater Louisville Inc.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Greater Louisville Inc.’s 2020 campaign has made major strides in growing regional economic development, public policy advocacy, workforce and business attraction.

“So far this campaign has brought together 136 companies, four government partners and 30 individuals across our region, investing and working together toward common goals for the betterment of this community,” said Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, president and CEO of GLI. “This is the first time we have seen the business community at this level rally around an organization with confidence to move the needle together and work on the things that will make Louisville grow.”

The campaign is noteworthy considering for the first time in GLI’s history individuals are giving to the Chamber of Commerce, spread across 30 people and representing more than $278,000 in investment.

Highlights of the GL 2020 Campaign accomplishments, available on GreaterLouisville.com, include:

  • Relocated 2,994 jobs to our region since 2015
  • Completed 38 site visits with national site selectors who represent major corporations and brands
  • Executed Live in Lou’s dynamic marketing campaign for relocating people to Greater Louisville
  • Launched a “City Champs” ambassador program, which connects people who are passionate about Louisville with people who are interested in relocating here or have recently moved here
  • Provided direct support to local human resource professionals who are recruiting people to Louisville
  • Deployed Live in Lou toolkit to highlight the benefits of relocating to our region and distributed to more than 90 employers
  • To build talent pipelines in our region, recruited more than 150 business partnerships for the JCPS Academies of Louisville (working with KentuckianaWorks and JCPS)
  • Led the Barriers to Work think tank, which facilitated connections between training providers, recruitment services and companies to combat the region’s largest obstacles to employment
  • Created more than 20 citizen lobbyists to date and blocked/passed over 50 bills

Greater Louisville 2020 is an aggressive and comprehensive regional economic growth and capacity-building initiative centered around three goals:

  1. Recruit businesses and grow jobs
  2. Recruit, grow, and retain workforce
  3. Advocate for a strong business environment

The Greater Louisville 2020 campaign is chaired by Bill Samuels Jr., chairman emeritus of Makers Mark Distillery, and co-chaired by Evelyn Strange, president of Advanced Electrical Systems Inc. and Ed Glasscock, chairman emeritus of Frost Brown Todd LLC. The investments made in this campaign will have a critical payoff for the region that will move business, economic development and population growth forward.