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‘Addicted to Perfect: A Memoir on Adderall Addiction’ releases today

Vitale Buford

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Executive coach and speaker Vitale Buford announced her memoir Addicted to Perfect, outlining her Adderall addiction, is published today by Changing Lives Press. A resident of Lexington, Ky., Buford lays out the shocking journey she endured during her decade-long Adderall addiction, and how she overcame it. After completing a rehab stay, she also discovered the other addictions she needed to overcome that were simply masked by her Adderall usage.

Addicted to Perfect: A Memoir on Adderall Addiction

“In recent years Adderall usage among female young professionals has grown more than 700%,” said Buford. “We are in danger. Adderall is casually passed around college campuses today and encourages an unhealthy addiction with perfection as it promises laser-focus and energy in its abusers.”

Like a majority of Adderall users, Buford was introduced to Adderall by a college boyfriend and allowed her to maintain excellent grades while working two jobs. By the time she turned 25, Buford was appointed marketing director for a high-powered law firm, which encouraged her to continue to use to accomplish everything on her plate. At the height of her addiction, Buford’s tolerance level for Adderall increased to 360mg a day, while the recommended daily allowance is 50mg.

A change agent transforming organizations, groups, and individuals, Buford is an iPEC-certified executive coach, international speaker, and author. Her experience includes more than a decade working in marketing and business development for a variety of industries and professional service organizations.

Addicted to Perfect can be purchased on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com.