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BleachMaker helps Ky. correctional facilities combat spread of COVID-19

WaterStep, BleachMaker

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — State prisons and jails are especially vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks due to the close living quarters, and extra precautions must be taken to protect the inmates and staff from the virus. That’s why global health organization WaterStep will provide its patented BleachMaker to 22 prisons and jails throughout the state. The BleachMaker is a small tool that uses salt, water and a power source to produce concentrated disinfectant used to sanitize surfaces or diluted as hand sanitizer.

“The donation of the BleachMaker to the Oldham County Detention Center is a huge donation that we will use not only during this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, but for many years to come to keep our facility healthy and clean,” says Jeff Tindall, major at the Oldham County Detention Center.

Additional correctional facilities that have been given BleachMakers Emergency Management Services Louisville, the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections, the Blackburn Correctional Complex, the Bell County Forestry Camp, the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex, the Little Sandy Correctional Complex, the Northpoint Training Center, the Lee Adjustment Center, the Luther Luckett Correctional Complex, the Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women, the Roederer Correctional Complex, the Kentucky State Reformatory, the Green River Correctional Complex, the Western Kentucky Correctional Complex, the Kentucky State Penitentiary, the Franklin County Regional Jail, the Barren County Detention Center, the Marshall County Jail, the Grant County Detention Center, the Fulton County Detention Center, and the Whitley County Detention Center.

Requests are coming in from other prisons, jails and social service agencies in other states such as California, North Carolina and Texas. WaterStep has also provided BleachMakers to dozens of Louisville-based organizations, homeless shelters, and emergency responders, and the tool is also being used by WaterStep’s partners in countries like Costa Rica, Cambodia, Malawi, Kenya, DR Congo, Nigeria, Liberia and Uganda to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

With bleach and sanitation supplies in limited quantity, the BleachMaker provides a viable solution for anyone that needs to sanitize areas daily. The BleachMaker was created to combat the Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014. It is a handheld device that produces disinfectant strong enough to meet the world health organization’s standards, and can be used to sanitize hospitals and medical clinics, kitchens, and clothing. The device was recognized with an award for Environmental Protection’s New Product of the Year in 2016.