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Keeneland Auctioneer Cris Caldwell dies

By Alan Carasso

Cris Caldwell

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Cris Caldwell, who continued the legacy of his late father Tom Caldwell as an integral part of the Keeneland auctioneering team, died Friday, May 15. He was 63.

Caldwell was a member of the Keeneland family from 1975-2020. Tom Caldwell died in 2001 and like his father, Cris Caldwell succumbed to pancreatic cancer, according to an obituary sent by his family.

“Cris was known for his work ethic, keen wit and, like his father, his ability to command the sales ring, and he presided over some of the most memorable events in Keeneland sales history,” Bill Thomason, president and CEO of Keeneland, said.

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