A Kentucky school surprised a little girl by including a photo of her service dog in the yearbook

St. Patrick Catholic School Yearbook

An elementary school in Kentucky saved a special spot in its yearbook for one very good girl — Ariel, a service dog.

St. Patrick Catholic School in Louisville surprised 7-year-old Hadley Jo Lange by including a photo of the Labradoodle among its kindergarten class. Hadley Jo suffers from epilepsy, a neurological disorder that causes seizures. Without Ariel, Hadley Jo might not be alive. “This dog has really saved my daughter’s life,” her mom, Heather Lange, told CNN. “I don’t know how I could ever thank Ariel as a mother. She goes with her everywhere, to school, rides the bus with her, goes to her dance classes and soccer practice. She always has her eyes on my little girl. It’s a huge sense of security.”  At school, Ariel watches over Hadley Jo constantly. The 4-year-old pooch, who bonded with Hadley Jo when she was just a puppy, is able to recognize when the up-and-coming first grader is having an episode.

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