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By wmadministrator

Fruit of the Loom is relocating 270 jobs from its facilities in Alexander City and Monroeville, Ala., to Bowling Green, which serves as headquarters for the apparel manufacturer. The company is laying off 58 workers at its Russell plant in Monroeville and 218 at the Vanity Fair facility in Alexander City. Fruit of the Loom acquired Russell in 2006 and purchased Vanity Fair in 2007. The transitions are expected to be complete by the end of the year.

Western Kentucky University’s Cyber Defense Laboratory has been awarded $1.35 million for an 18-month cooperative agreement with Electronic Warfare Associates and the University of Arizona to work on cybersecurity. Cybersecurity involves the protection and encryption of digital data, identities, finances and transactions, and intrusion detection and prevention methodologies. Ronald Hopper, operations manager of the Cyber Defense Lab, told The (Bowling Green) Daily News, “We’re in the process of building a database that, when it’s completed, will be available to the public and businesses for commercial use so that other (information technology) departments and agencies will have a reference to look at.”