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Lexington has 9th most diverse metro economy in the U.S.

These economies have the range of industries, depth and nimbleness needed to overcome turbulent times

By Brittany Anas

Curious which U.S. economies are healthiest, and likely to rebound quickest after COVID? An important vital sign to check is the diversity of industries within a metro economy. Relying too heavily on a single industry — say, tourism and hospitality in a time of travel restrictions — is detrimental. But a healthy mix of market sectors can help communities better weather economic storms.

“Every market and industry has been impacted either directly or indirectly by COVID-19,” explains Meredith Metsker, a content marketing specialist with labor market analytics firm Emsi. “However, some communities are more resilient than others, particularly if they have a diversified, knowledge-based economy.”

Emsi shared a list of the 10 most diversified metro economies in the United States with Livability. These are the economies with the range of industries, depth and nimbleness needed to overcome turbulent times and come out the other side even stronger. Now, we’re diving into what makes these places great places to work and live.

Please go to Livability.com to see the top 10 cities (Lexington, Ky. is ranked 9th) in their survey.

Brittany Anas is a former newspaper reporter who accidentally became a federal background investigator before quickly retreating back to journalism.