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Sazerac to Expand Distilling Operations in Frankfort, Owensboro

By wmadministrator

Sazerac plans to add new machinery and equipment at their Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankfort.

Sazerac North America has announced plans to expand two of its Kentucky distilling operations, creating some 89 new full-time jobs.

Sazerac is investing some $9 million in additional machinery and equipment at its Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort and will add 39 new jobs to the current workforce of 270. The company is also expanding its operations in Owensboro, adding 300,000 s.f. at an estimated cost of $10.5 million. The Owensboro expansion will require the purchase of $8.25 million in new machinery and equipment and will result in the addition of 50 new jobs at the distillery, which currently employs 188.

The two distilleries have been approved for tax benefits under the Kentucky Industrial Development Act for up to $3.28 million by the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA). KEDFA has also granted preliminary approval to Sazerac for up to $1.41 million in tax incentives under the Kentucky Jobs Development Act for the possible location of certain administrative offices in Louisville. If successful in bringing the new location to Kentucky, the project would consist of a 10,000-s.f. facility and could create 51 full-time employment opportunities.

Sazerac is one of the top 10 producers and marketers of spirits and wines in the United States. The company’s primary distilling, bottling and distribution facilities are located at the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort with facilities in Owensboro and Bardstown.