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Microsoft finally kills Internet Explorer

Death of Internet Explorer will cripple specialist apps for central Kentucky businesses.

Lexington, Ky. — Microsoft recently announced that Internet Explorer will start to phase out soon – and that will cause unique problems for a small number of central Kentucky businesses.

The 25-year-old web browser will no longer be supported beginning in November and will cease to exist by August of 2021. It only has 1.6% market share in the US (compared to 49% for Chrome), yet, it’s still critical for a small number of legacy applications.

“We’ve seen businesses rely on old software, which, in turn, relied on Internet Explorer,” explained Wil Winstead, Director of 46Solutions. “Especially for manufacturing, engineering and specialist companies that use older machines, powered by older software. Internet Explorer is vital to them.

“Often, these older machines and software are used daily – they’re business-critical. If they suddenly stop working, it will cause some major problems for these businesses. Another concern we have is the retirement of Windows 7 this past January. It’s no longer being supported, and PCs not upgraded are extremely vulnerable to security risks.”

Wil recommends that any central Kentucky business relying on older machines have a full IT assessment now. He added: “Taking action now gives these businesses a 10-month head start on any major changes they need to make. That means more options and less stress for owners and managers.”

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