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Blue Grass Airport and Asbury University team up to provide students an Asbury education ‘close to home’

Flights from Lexington to hundreds of cities within U.S.

WILMORE, Ky. — In a new partnership, Asbury University and Central Kentucky’s Blue Grass Airport in Lexington have teamed up to promote the fact that students and friends of the Asbury community can easily and efficiently travel to and from campus. As a university that is dedicated to experiential learning and engaging the world, this new partnership will expand Asbury’s global reach while allowing students to feel “close to home.”

Many students claim the Asbury University campus as their “home away from home,” but the recent pandemic has made proximity to home and family even more important when deciding where to attend college. With Blue Grass Airport’s multiple non-stop flights as well as quick connecting flights to hundreds of cities in the United States, students can receive a world-class education and yet feel connected to those they love with the ability to return home quickly and efficiently, the university said in a press release.

Headlines across media platforms this past spring echoed an ABC News headline from June 6, 2020: “Amid virus, U.S. students look to colleges closer to home.” Asbury University wants to provide every opportunity for students to be close to home, whether that means being within driving distance or being able to get home easily via non-stop or short connecting flights, the university said.

“I am excited to partner with Blue Grass Airport to provide a creative transportation solution for many of our students, families, and alumni,” said Dr. Kevin Brown, president of Asbury University. “Blue Grass Airport is becoming an important part of our recruiting process for new students and athletes. Their Asbury experience starts when they step off the plane and Blue Grass Airport provides first-class experiences for their passengers.”

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the airport to partner with such an important educational institution in our community,” said Eric Frankl, executive director at Blue Grass Airport. “Throughout the school year, we are thrilled to play a role in the transportation of Asbury students as they come to the commonwealth for an exceptional education experience. Being just a non-stop flight away from home, especially during a pandemic, is hopefully reassuring to parents, and, of course, Blue Grass Airport is following CDC guidelines to keep travelers safe during these challenging times.”

Blue Grass Airport is located in the heart of Central Kentucky and is a short, 20-minute drive to Asbury University’s campus. In 2019, over 1.4 million passengers traveled through the airport on four airlines, Allegiant, American, Delta and United. Passengers often cite the airport’s convenience as the chief reason why they choose to use it, experiencing fewer lines, crowds, and parking aggravations than at other nearby airports.

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