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Kentucky unveils new Appalachia Proud brand logo

FRANKFORT, Ky. — Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles announced a new logo for the Appalachia Proud brand, a component of Kentucky Proud, at last week’s SOAR Summit.

“We decided to take the additional step of refreshing the brand to pay tribute to the true landscape and spirit of our beautiful Appalachian region,” Quarles said.

Last year, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture added 17 counties to the Appalachia Proud brand. The new counties were added to conform Appalachia Proud to the definition of Appalachia adopted by SOAR and the federal Appalachian Regional Commission. Appalachia Proud was launched in 2014 under the Kentucky Proud umbrella to market agricultural products from eastern Kentucky and encourage agricultural development and education in the region. The newly refreshed logo seeks to better evoke the spirit and heritage of the area.

“The food, restaurant, and agriculture sectors in Appalachia have been devastated by the effects of the coronavirus and government-mandated shutdowns,” Quarles said. “We have been working hard to support our farm families and our restaurants during this time. As we head into the winter, it is incredibly important that consumers find ways to support our farmers and small businesses.”