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Parking enhancements make it easier to fly out of Louisville

Louisville, Ky.  — Parking at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF) just got a whole lot better. Today, the airport unveiled three new amenities including the Park Assist® Parking Guidance System (PGS) in the garage adjacent to the passenger terminal, the upgraded Premier Parking Lot, and SDF Rewards, a frequent parker program with contactless entry and exit feature.

Park Assist’s M4 smart-sensor system will serve the airport’s 2,000 space parking structure. The newly installed system indicates which specific spaces are available or occupied using color-coded LED lights. The parking guidance system offers predictability and security, and a VIP parking journey for each customer. It will also help customers find their vehicle once they return from a trip, by integrating with TIBA parking systems or via the Park Assist mobile app.

The $1.3 million projects were announced in early June. The airport has also invested $5 million to improve the newly named Premier Parking Lot (formerly the Credit Card Lot), which features 30 percent more space and a covered walkway to the terminal. Premier is one of the most affordable and convenient parking options available at SDF. The daily rate is $10.00 per day.

It offers a convenient exit via credit card only. Visit FlyLouisville.com for information about airport parking.