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RaveOn App launches

LEXINGTON, Ky. — RaveOn, the newly launched mobile app, lets sports fans be heard and stay connected while watching in person and during televised sporting events. The users can vote on great plays and protest bad calls by referees, fueling team spirit and fan passion. Other features allow fans to follow favorite teams, connect with friends and influencers while checking scores and schedules on RaveOn’s live game screens.

The application was conceived by a noted sports-loving surgeon and powered by a world-class AI team. The application and the platform that powers RaveOn has been in development for nearly three years. The five founders, which includes a founder of Regal Cinemas, wanted to offer an experience that makes fans part of the live-action and connects them to the teams they love.

In the app, users can search for their favorite teams, leagues, and conferences. It currently offers game participation for the NBA, NFL, and NCAAM basketball. Users can comment and join in simultaneously. Check out individual players and future games through the user interface. Upcoming features will include highlight plays on YouTube and in the app where users can vote and comment on the play of the day, the week, and the year.

Each user’s profile shows his or her favorite teams and lists their comments on plays and calls. In this way, the app functions as a social network for sports fans. Users have complete control over their public content and personal profiles.

The company looks to expand its coverage to include Fantasy sports and eSports as well. RaveOn also offers fans to link up with their squads in the app’s community chat feature. You can currently make sure all your fantasy players are on the roster week by week, with injury updates and starting line-ups.

For more information, visit http://www.raveonsports.com