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UK College of Education professor authors classroom management textbook

LEXINGTON, Ky. — As teachers in training, students at the University of Kentucky College of Education learn the content they will teach, in addition to how to manage a classroom.

Kim White, an associate clinical professor of elementary education at UK, has authored a new textbook tailored to match the structure and content of the classroom management course she teaches for future elementary teachers.

The book, “Inclusive Classroom Management,” is a digital package based on a framework for teaching that is widely used in Kentucky and across the country. It includes articles, videos, and assignments and focuses on ensuring students learn to incorporate inclusivity in their classroom management and teaching practices.

Culturally responsive pedagogy and social justice are emphasized in the book and coursework. The most powerful lessons for her students, White said, involve exploring how bias, prejudice, stereotypes, and microaggressions affect the relationships between teachers, students, and families.

After presenting updates for the classroom management course to the Classroom Management Special Interest Group at the Association of Teacher Educators meeting, White’s colleagues encouraged her to write the book. She reviewed books on classroom management and saw a need to create a digital textbook focused on the unique structure and content of the course, which is based on the Danielson Group’s Framework for Teaching.