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GLI board of directors, Greater Louisville Foundation launch fundraising challenge to support talent pipeline initiative

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Greater Louisville Inc. (GLI) board of directors and Greater Louisville Foundation (GLF) on Thursday announced the launch of a personal fundraising challenge to secure funding to support the launch and core operations of the Career Acceleration Network. Together, the GLI Board of Directors and GLF, will work to secure $100,000 in private contributions before the program launches this summer.

The Career Acceleration Network will launch as a two-year pilot program to move workers in low-skill, low-paying jobs, to skilled jobs with family-supporting wages. The program will create a talent pipeline with the support of employers, higher-education institutions, and skills training professionals to help people advance their careers. As participants work with educational and training partners, they will advance in the network to higher skilled positions at higher wages. The program also benefits the employers by creating a steady stream of eager talent.

“The Career Acceleration Network will fulfill an important need in our community and will help us empower and grow our workforce,” said Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, president and CEO of Greater Louisville Inc. “We are thrilled that our Board of Directors is personally invested in the success of this program and look forward to working with them to bring it to fruition.”

While corporate support will fund a majority of the pilot program, this private funding is critical to the core operations of the program allowing the hiring of two full-time positions to support participants on their career journey. Additional funding will still be secured and used to support other aspects of the program including a tuition assistance fund, to increase the efficacy and connectivity of the network.

Chair of GLF and Principal of Thornton Capital, Matt Thornton, is leading the fundraising challenge by pledging $25,000.

“The Career Acceleration Network is an important initiative for our workforce and our entire community,” said Thornton. “We need to invest in our workforce now and ensure there are opportunities for mobility for people of all backgrounds. I am optimistic for what we can achieve through this initiative.”

The Career Acceleration Network will launch this summer with 13 businesses and nine community and workforce partners committed to pilot the program.