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Kentucky Community and Technical College System President Dr. Michael McCall has declined a salary increase and bonus as part of his 2009 compensation package, citing the difficult financial climate surrounding both the state and postsecondary education. “The KCTCS budget has been reduced six times for a total of $31.5 million since 2001, which has made it increasingly difficult for us to accomplish our mission of being the place where higher education begins for most Kentuckians,” McCall said. “However, because of the incredible efforts of our dedicated employees we have been able to weather these cuts and, until this year, still meet the growing demand for our programs.” KCTCS’ state appropriation was reduced $13.5 million during the 2008-09 academic year and as a result of decreases in staff, faculty, programs and services did not experience an increase in fall enrollment for the first time in the organization’s 10-year history.