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NKU named among Kentucky’s best nursing schools

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. — Northern Kentucky University is one of the best schools for nursing education in the commonwealth, according to new rankings from RNtoMSN.org.

NKU ranks second on the best universities for transitioning registered nurses (RN) to bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degrees. NKU also ranked as the fastest RN to BSN online program in the online resource’s 2021 list.

RNtoMSN.org, one of the most popular online resources for registered nurses, analyzed over 500 schools and evaluated their tuition rate, net price and academic outcomes to compile the rankings for each state.

When compiling the ranking, RNtoMSN.org also gave NKU high remarks for its hands-on learning opportunities and alumni reputation in the field.

NKU continues to receive prominent recognition for preparing the next generation of health professionals.

The site ranks Eastern Kentucky University first for nursing education in the state and University of Louisville third. To learn more about the university’s latest ranking and view the site’s complete list, visit here.