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NEW Customer Service Companies to Double Staff by May

By wmadministrator

NEW Customer Service Companies Inc. is expanding its Bowling Green workforce and plans to double its staff by next May, putting the company well ahead of its previously announced hiring schedule.

In May of this year, the Virginia-based company – which provides extended service plans and buyer protection programs for consumer products – announced plans to establish its work-at-home program in the Bowling Green area. At that time, NEW said it would hire around 120 people over the course of the first year and would continue to hire at that pace, creating a total of around 350 new jobs within three years.

Now, the company expects to come close to 350 employees within only one year. NEW currently has a staff of 160 in the Bowling Green area and plans to add 160 jobs by May 2009, bringing the total number of jobs to 320.

“Bowling Green has far exceeded our initial expectations back in May at the start of the program,” said NEW’s Senior Vice President of Customer Experience Ray Zukowski. “The caliber of the candidates and the tremendous support and enthusiasm we have received from the community has been the deciding factor in expanding the Bowling Green work-at-home training site.”

The Bowling Green location handles technical troubleshooting to one of the company’s largest clients, DIRECTV.  However, rather than working at a centralized call center, company representatives work at their homes from their own computer.