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UK’s Dr Mark Evers awarded 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award

B. Mark Evers, MD

LEXINGTON, Ky.The Society of University Surgeons (SUS) has awarded B. Mark Evers, MD, University of Kentucky Department of Surgery professor; Lucille P. Markey Cancer Center director; and holder of the Markey Cancer Center Director Endowed Chair, its 2021 SUS Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Evers will be presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by SUS President Dr. Kasper Wang on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2022, at the 17th Annual Academic Surgical Congress (ASC) in Orlando, Florida.

The Society of University Surgeons initiated the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. This award is designed to recognize individuals who have had a sustained career in academic surgery with significant and impactful contributions to surgical science and/or the development and training of surgical leaders and surgeon scientists. In addition, past commitment to the Society of University Surgeons is desired but not required.

This may be manifest by prior engagement as a past leader in the society and/or participation in the society through annual attendance at the Academic Surgical Congress and active participation and discussion of papers, attendance of member events, and society functions.

The Society of University Surgeons seeks to honor and recognize these individuals because of their embodiment of the principles of the Society. We seek to recognize these individuals to establish role models for younger generations of surgeons to honor and emulate their contributions to the science of surgery and moreover to the Society of University Surgeons.

Evers was nominated and selected by his peers based on his leadership and contributions to academic surgery, as well as his strong support of the SUS. Dr. Evers’ service to the SUS, as Publications Committee Chair, Secretary, President-Elect, and President of the Society, as well as the SUS Foundation President, exemplify a commitment to the organization.

Years ago, he was integral as a key SUS leader in the efforts to partner with the AAS to establish the Academic Surgical Congress, which has subsequently become arguably the most successful surgical conference in the world.

Evers is an outstanding surgeon-scientist with decades-long continuous NIH funding and, in fact, ranks as one of the highest NIH-funded surgical scientists of all time. His legacy of training countless other surgeon-scientists is unparalleled. As such, we wish to recognize his immense contributions to the field of academic surgery with the LTAA.

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