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New Release: Bankhall Sweet Mash Bourbon

By The Bourbon Flight

Bankhall Sweet Bourbon Mash brought to you by Vince, the head distiller, all the way from the United States. This is a bourbon style sweet mash, aged in exclusively new, charred American Oak casks and filled at a lower ABV to allow more oak character to shine through.

Our ambition is to reimagine what English whisky can be, so we’ve used a Bourbon-Style Mash Bill of Corn, Rye, and Malt to create a thick and hearty mash that serves as the foundation for our Bankhall Sweet Bourbon Mash. Born in America, matured to excellence in England.

Then, by Sweet Mashing – the process of starting our batches fresh every time – we are able to achieve a rich yet soft profile in all our distillates, which, most importantly, allows us to be more daring with our Adventures in Distilling.

  • Non-chill filtered.
  • No color added.
  • Triple pot-distilled preserving richness of flavor.
  • Aged in new American charred oak barrels;  a blend of quarter cask and full-size barrels.
  • Small Batch; created from less than 50 barrels.
  • Corn, rye, and malt Bourbon-style Sweet Mash bill.
  • High rye recipe (typically anything over 15-20% rye)


  • Nose: Delicious aromas of vanilla custard and toasted coconut
  • Taste: A palate of honeyed cornbread, baked apples, and brown sugar
  • Finish: Round and creamy

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