Female Founded Premium Infused Bourbon Brand Is a Kindred Spirit, Born Outdoors for the Bourbon Curious

By Kevin O. Stinnett

BARDSTOWN, Ky. (June 3, 2024) – Five Springs Infused Bourbon, female-founded and family-owned, is proud to release its three new innovative naturally infused bourbons. Made with premium bourbon, blended and bottled in Kentucky, and infused with natural fruits, botanicals, and other natural flavors, Five Springs honors bourbon’s roots while embracing the new and curious. The three expressions – Honey Sage, Vanilla Maple, and Blood Orange – are available beginning today online via Reserve Bar and in retailers, bars and restaurants throughout Kentucky and New Jersey.

Founder Lisa Sawyer Derman is a spirits industry veteran, having held senior executive positions for over 30 years with top brands in the vodka, tequila, and scotch whiskey categories, including Stoli and Macallan. As a Kentucky native, she has always had a passion for bourbon and a desire to create her own brand. When she noticed her millennial children and their friends, as well as her own friends, showing an interest in bourbon but being unsure about traditional brown spirits, she saw an opportunity to introduce bourbon to a new generation of whiskey drinkers. That commenced a year-long journey starting in her own kitchen with her family–using natural ingredients of vanilla, pure maple, local honey, sage, and other fruits and botanicals to create innovative flavors to enhance the bourbon rather than overpower it. Five Springs Infused Bourbon is the culmination of that journey.

“We wanted to create a premium bourbon that would appeal to whiskey connoisseurs but also be inviting to first time bourbon drinkers who are bourbon curious,” said Derman. “Five Springs Infused Bourbon honors the old—we use premium bourbon whiskey aged in oak barrels blended and bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky, but also embraces the new—infusing and finishing the bourbon with complementary natural flavors.”

Five Springs Infused Bourbon is a versatile spirit, able to be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or used in your favorite cocktail. Unlike many flavored whiskeys on the market, Five Springs is made with real, premium bourbon. Perfect for everyone from the craft cocktail mixologist to the at-home bartender, the naturally infused bourbon enhances traditional cocktail recipes or allows for an easy elevated cocktail, simply mixed with club soda or other ingredients. The Blood Orange can be used as a base for an Old Fashioned or Summer Spritz, the Vanilla Maple shaken up into an Espresso Martini, and the Honey Sage is ideal mixed into an extra herbaceous Paper Plane.

“I grew up in Kentucky, where bourbon symbolized bringing people together – whether gathering for the Derby or listening to music on a friend’s front porch. Five Springs Infused Bourbon represents that spirit of community, and we are excited for folks to share a glass with friends and family at a bar or around a campfire,” adds Derman. “Five Springs is also about exploration: a new kind of bourbon for whiskey lovers, but also for the bourbon curious. We hope Five Springs’s bold flavors ignite a spark of adventure in a new generation of bourbon drinkers.”

Five Springs Infused Bourbon Portfolio

  • Honey Sage Infused Bourbon (35% ABV / $34.99 MSRP) – Honey Sage is nature in a bottle. Imagine a drive with the windows rolled down or a hike through the woods in the fall.


  • Vanilla Maple Infused Bourbon (35% ABV / $34.99 MSRP) – The warmest and most inviting flavor, Vanilla Maple is like a flannel blanket on a cool evening around the campfire.


  • Blood Orange Infused Bourbon (35% ABV / $34.99 MSRP) – Whether you’re looking to enliven a classic or add some zest to your lineup, Blood Orange is like adding a banjo to the band. The boldest, most refreshing flavor is a need fulfilled.


Five Springs Infused Bourbon is a whiskey for the next generation — a kindred spirit, born outdoors. Female founded by 30-year spirits industry veteran Lisa Sawyer Derman, Five Springs, a family-owned brand is made with premium bourbon aged in American oak barrels, blended and bottled in Kentucky. Infused with natural fruits, botanicals, and other flavors, Five Springs honors bourbon’s roots while embracing the new and curious. The Five Spring portfolio includes three naturally infused premium bourbons, Honey Sage, Vanilla Maple, and Blood Orange. Enjoy neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail. For more information visit fivespringsbourbon.com or @fivespringsbourbon.