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Lost Lantern announces first annual winter bourbon Wednesday drop

By The Bourbon Flight

Celebrate the upcoming holidays with its first winter bourbon Wednesday drop, a release that will take place on the first Wednesday of December every year. On this new tradition, Lost Lantern Co-Founders Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonski said, “While we don’t normally reveal release dates far in advance, fans can expect a Lost Lantern winter drop timed to the holiday season the first Wednesday of December every year. This release, beginning with our Winter 2021 collection, will include some of our most exciting whiskies of the year, selected with celebration, cold weather, and gift-giving in mind.”

The Winter 2021 collection will feature three limited-edition single casks, available exclusively via Seelbachs.com as of December 1st and on LostLanternWhiskey.com at a later date. All are bottled at cask strength, are non-chill-filtered, and have natural color.

  • 2021 Single Cask #6, McCarthy’s 6 Year Old Oregon Peated Single Malt (248 btls):
  • 2021 Single Cask #7 Smooth Ambler West Virginia Straight Bourbon Whiskey (195 btls):
  • 2021 Single Cask #8 Starlight Indiana Straight Rye Whiskey (211 btls):

Blake Riber, founder of Seelbach’s is excited to launch the new collection. “We’re thrilled to have the exclusive Lost Lantern Winter Collection on Seelbach’s! Most of their fall release sold out before we even had a chance to announce it. Lost Lantern is pushing the boundaries for independent bottlers in American Whiskey. This is exactly what we want to showcase on Seelbach’s.”

All three of these distilleries and states are new additions to Lost Lantern’s single cask lineup. “Clear Creek has been making McCarthy’s for over 20 years and has a well-deserved cult following,” said Nora and Adam. “Smooth Ambler is best known for sourcing and blending but has also been distilling their own whiskey for years, so we’re excited to present their own West Virginia-distilled wheated bourbon. Finally, Starlight showcases Southern Indiana’s terroir, climate, and agriculture and is quickly becoming one of the darlings of bourbon drinkers.”


Lost Lantern single casks show that the best whiskey reflects where it’s made, how it’s made, and who made it, and demonstrate that compelling whiskey comes from all across the United States.