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Lexington Legends partners with Friends of Coal for hot dog promotion

LEXINGTON, Ky. — The Lexington Legends have announced they will be offering free hot dogs every Tuesday this season thanks to Friends of Coal.

The partnership between Friends of Coal and the Lexington Legends has been strong for years. Prior to 2022, Friends of Coal sponsored the ability to sell hot dogs for a quarter, every Tuesday home game, at Wild Health Field.

With 123 games on the schedule this season, promotions have been at the forefront of entertainment planning like never before. Partners were encouraged to make the most of this limited-time opportunity. As the monumental season of double baseball approaches, Friends of Coal made the conscious effort to do just that. They were able to up their promotional ante in an extremely impactful way. Free hot dogs certainly have a [championship] ring to it!

“We appreciate the efforts of the Lexington Legends and their support for the community with baseball, as well as year-round family, orientated entertainment at the ballpark. Mr. Shea has always supported the messaging from Friends of Coal Kentucky which makes us proud to continue this partnership. We remain committed to educating the citizens of Lexington on the power of Kentucky Coal as it provides affordable, resilient, and reliable low cost, per kilowatt, which helps power job creation here in the Bluegrass. In addition, we’d like to thank Dave Moss and his team for creating Friends of Coal KY, and the license plate that continually gives us a platform to educate everyone about the power of coal throughout the Commonwealth,” says Chairman of Friends of Coal KY Aaron Bond.

“Incredible friends and partners, like Friends of Coal, enable us the continuation of providing the best and most affordable entertainment to all fans. Offering FREE hot dogs every single Tuesday is a noticeably big deal and something that thousands of families will be able to enjoy 20 times at Wild Health Field throughout the Legends and Genomes seasons. Hot dogs always taste better at a ballpark,” said President and CEO Andy Shea.

Opening Day is April 21st, 2022. The first Tuesday game featuring Friends of Coal free hot dogs is April 26th, 2022. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit lexingtonlegends.com

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