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New Release: Four Gate Whiskey ‘Saint Charente’

By The Bourbon Flight

Four Gate Whiskey Company has announced its latest release of barrel Finished craft American whiskey: “Saint Charente.”

Saint Charente is a 7 Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon finished in cognac casks.

Cognac is a varietal of Brandy produced in and around the region of France known as Cognac. It is made from distilled grapes, usually white, and aged in French Oak casks much in the same way whiskey is aged.

The underlying bourbon was distilled and aged in Kentucky from a mash bill of 75% Corn, 21% Rye, and 4% malted barley.

“I absolutely love the nose on this batch,” Said Chief Blending Officer, Bill Straub. “It has tons of orchard fruits from those cognac casks and the French oak gave it some great baking spice notes as well. It’s like apple pie.”

The Batch is named for the River Charente that flows through the Cognac region of France.

“All the little towns in that area are called ‘Saint’ this or that,” Said Chief Barrel Officer, Bob D’Antoni. “We added the Saint in front of Charente in homage of that.”

In keeping with their policy to only bottle full-flavored whiskey, the batch was bottled with no water added and no chill filtering at 119.2 proof.  2,365 bottles were produced at a suggested retail price of $199. They will be available in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana, Georgia, and Texas.

Bottles are also available online through Seelbachs.com, BourbonOutfitter.com, and Caskers.com.

Additionally, Four Gate Whiskey Company is proud to announce that distribution to Illinois will begin with the next release, Batch 19, in April, through Republic National Distributing Company and their partnership with Heritage Wine Cellars Ltd.

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