UK CAER Facility to Focus on Coal-to-Liquid Fuel Research

By wmadministrator

Construction has begun on a coal/biomass-to-liquids unit at the University of Kentucky that could lead to the development of vehicle fuels made from Kentucky coal and biomass.

In addition to its research into producing transportation fuels from these indigenous resources, the $5.7 million facility at the UK Center for Applied Energy Research (CAER) will also focus on state-of-the art technologies to improve efficiency and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide created when converting coal and biomass to liquid fuels. The gasification unit will be capable of producing one barrel of fuel per day.

“Coal-to-liquid technology has the potential to provide our nation with a reliable source of safe and affordable fuel and to help reduce our dependence on foreign energy,” said U.S. Congressman Geoff Davis. “Our abundant natural resources combined with the leadership of the University of Kentucky and the Center for Applied Energy Research on developing this technology could bring enormous economic benefits including significant job growth to the commonwealth.”

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