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Success of Connectkentucky Serves as Model for National Plan

By wmadministrator

A modest increase in broadband adoption could add $134 billion annually to the U.S. economy according to research released by Connected Nation, a national non-profit organization.

The study analyzed the success of ConnectKentucky, a public-private partnership that has significantly increased broadband access in the Bluegrass State, and extrapolated the potential direct economic stimulus for the nation.
Surveying the impact of its first state-based program, the ConnectedNation report indicates a higher rate of growth in broadband adoption in Kentucky – 83 percent – versus the national trend of 57 percent.

“At a time of $100-per-barrel oil prices, economic stagnation and rising inequality, Connected Nation offers a chance to address our nation’s greatest challenges,” said Larry Irving, co-chair of the Internet Innovation Alliance, a coalition of non-profit organization, businesses and trade associations committed to universal broadband. “Greater broadband deployment can restore economic growth, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and expand opportunities for those who have been left behind.”