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Akebono Brake Expands Plant for Disc Pad Production

By wmadministrator

Akebono Brake Corp. has announced that it is expanding the manufacturing capabilities at its Glasgow plant to include aftermarket disc pad production.

The company is closing its plant in Springfield, Ky., which has been producing the aftermarket products since 2002, and will add 85,000 square feet to its Glasgow facility in order to move the aftermarket operation from Springfield to Glasgow.

The Glasgow plant presently employs approximately 600 workers. The expansion is expected to add another 100 positions. Akebono’s 180 Springfield employees have been given the opportunity to request a transfer and apply for the new Glasgow jobs. The two facilities are approximately 90 miles apart.

The complete transfer of operations is expected to be complete later this year.
Akebono’s North American operations are headquartered in Elizabethtown, where the company also has a manufacturing facility. The company’s research and development/engineering center is located in Farmington Hills, Mich.