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Executive Profile: Carrie Butler

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Executive Director, TARC – Transit Authority of River City

For nearly 50 years, the Transit Authority of River City (TARC) has connected the Greater Louisville community to jobs, education, and services.

As Kentucky’s largest transit provider, TARC employs a workforce of 600 and is on track to complete 5.3 million unique trips by the end of 2022. But we want to do much more.

As the region continues to grow and evolve—with shifting population centers, commuting patterns, and mobility needs—TARC is responding with innovations and investments to make public transportation more flexible and accessible for all.

TARC Tomorrow, our newly completed long-range plan creates the framework for the way we want to operate over the next two decades. That means enhancing the rider experience, attracting and retaining a talented workforce, increasing frequency on high-demand routes, and adopting new technologies to make our services more customer-friendly and efficient.

TARC Tomorrow can only be a reality with support at the local, state, and federal levels. We continue to operate on a 1974 funding model that is heavily reliant on a small percentage of local occupational tax revenue. We also risk losing out on federal support by failing to match it with local and state funding. We are calling on Kentucky’s key stakeholders and decision-makers to envision how a more robust operating budget and long-term investments in TARC could benefit us all.

At TARC we operate by the motto, “Your Journey, Our Priority.” We invite you to join us in making public transportation a priority in Greater Louisville and strengthening the entire commonwealth.

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