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Kentucky’s updated long-range transportation plan

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The 2022-2045 Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan (LRSTP) sought to provide an improved future transportation system for all modes of travel and was developed using innovative scenario planning, risk assessments and public feedback. The plan can be viewed at GetThereTogetherKY.org.

Developed by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) in conjunction with state transportation officials, local planning agencies, and the public, the LRSTP is a planning document that identifies the goals, policies, needs and analysis tools that set the direction of Kentucky’s multi-modal transportation system toward 2045. In addition to long-term goals, the 2022-2045 LRSTP includes an implementation plan that outlines short-term actions to be completed toward the defined vision, goals and objectives and performance measures.

“Long-range planning is critical to ensuring our infrastructure and policies meet the needs of the public well into the future,” said KYTC Secretary Jim Gray. “We appreciate those who took the time to provide feedback on transportation priorities for Kentucky that were incorporated into this important policy document.”

Significant efforts were made to educate and engage the public on statewide priorities to support the development of the LRSTP during two interactive public comment periods. In the fall of 2021, more than 8,000 participants across every county in Kentucky provided input on priorities and transportation usage over an initial 45-day period. The project team considered this information as they continued the technical analysis and scenario planning to create the final plan.

During the most recent 30-day public comment period (Oct. 3, 2022 – Nov. 2, 2022), members of the public were encouraged to review the draft policy plan and provide feedback, including aspects like multi-modal transportation, safety, roadway improvements and traffic flow management both now and for the next 25 years. Approximately 600 people participated in the second survey, providing more than 300 comments directly related to the draft plan. In addition, the website received more than 5,000 visits this fall.

Federal law requires updates to the plan approximately every seven years to ensure it stays current and can meet the needs of a rapidly changing transportation environment. The current update is the first since 2014. Team Kentucky is committed to meeting the transportation needs of the commonwealth’s diverse and growing population. The 2022-2045 LRSTP is a key element supporting that effort.

The plan’s vision is for a viable, reliable, and resilient multimodal transportation system to provide access and mobility for all users for the safe movement of people and goods.

The 2022-2045 LRSTP goals will be used to measure the effectiveness of proposed system improvements:

  • Enhance safety
  • Deliver a high level of maintenance and resiliency
  • Ensure a reliable flow of people and freight
  • Provide local, regional, and global connectivity for communities
  • Deliver and operate a system that protects or enhances the natural and human environment

A link to the final version of the 2022 LRSTP document, executive summary, appendices, and other transportation information can be found by visiting GetThereTogetherKY.gov or KYTC’s planning website.

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