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5 simple ways to save energy in 2013

KU, LG&E provide New Year’s energy-saving resolutions around the home

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Jan. 2, 2013) – With the holidays over and the guests out of the house, many are turning their attention to another annual tradition — the New Year’s resolution.

While KU and LG&E can’t motivate someone to go to the gym, the utility companies can inspire you to save energy this year with a variety of energy efficiency programs available to residential electric customers.

Here are five energy-saving resolutions for the New Year:

1. Perform a home energy analysis: KU and LG&E offer two types: online and on-site. The online home energy analysis takes about 10 minutes and provides a customized report that includes recommendations on how to save energy. Or, sign up for an on-site home energy analysis and a certified technician will assess your home’s energy efficiency. Financial incentives are also available to eligible customers who take action to make their homes more energy efficient as a result of an on-site analysis.

2. Recycle that old, inefficient fridge or freezer: The fastest and easiest way to drop some (household) weight is to recycle that old, inefficient fridge or freezer hanging out in your garage or basement. Make an appointment, and KU and LG&E will pick-up, haul away and properly recycle your working energy hog. In return, you’ll receive $30 per recycled appliance within six to eight weeks.

3. Apply for a home energy rebate: KU and LG&E offer monetary rewards ranging from $50 to $300 to help residential electric customers offset the purchasing costs of certain ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, high-efficiency HVAC systems and qualified window film.

4. Enroll in demand conservation: Get paid to help KU and LG&E better manage peak summer energy demand. Even though it’s winter, the utilities can still install a device on your home’s central air conditioning unit or heat pump. In return, the utilities will credit your monthly utility bill, June through September.

5. Check your HVAC system’s air filter: Check your HVAC system’s air filter monthly and replace as necessary, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. A dirty filter will slow air flow, making your system work harder to keep you warm in winter.

Visit lge-ku.com/savingenergy to learn more and to sign up for all the energy-saving programs listed.