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Bedside Computers Help Hospital Patients Stay Connected

By wmadministrator

A Lexington technology company has signed a multi-year agreement with Central Baptist Hospital to supply 59 bedside terminals that provide patients with Internet access and the ability to stay connected to family and friends while in the hospital.
ConnectedPatients LLC’s ConnectMe terminals are installed either bedside or mounted on an articulating arm, offering accessibility to patients and families as well as clinicians. The terminal system has an LCD touch-screen that features large virtual buttons, making it easy for patients to access the Internet to check email, connect with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, watch movies and listen to music.

Karen S. Hill, vice president/nurse executive at Central Baptist Hospital, said the hospital has already seen the positive impact the devices have made for patients.
“Our maternity patients love the ConnectMe system and use the monitor to communicate with families and friends and to relax. This capability has differentiated Central Baptist in supporting the connectivity of our patients,” Hill said.

The ConnectMe device also offers a portal for electronic medical records and provides physicians with a tool for patient education.
The terminals are currently located in Central Baptist’s oncology and maternity units, with more units planned over the course of the contract.