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Alltech symposium puts human nutrition under the microscope

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 24, 2013) – The impact of nutrition on human health ripples down to the genetic level, bringing new meaning to the old adage “you are what you eat.” With insights through the study of nutrigenomics, or nutrition’s influence at the gene level, consumers are now tasked to feed their genes to achieve long-term wellness.

kidsAlltech will deliver several sessions addressing the science behind human nutrition and the future of food during GLIMPSE 2020: the 29th Annual International Symposium in Lexington, Ky., May 19-22.

The human nutrition sessions include:

Medal of Excellence: The Border Between Science and Magic — Tiny components of genetic make-up called microRNA can dictate whether a child will be obese, have attention deficit disorder or have enhanced intelligence. Alltech’s 2013 Medal of Excellence recipient Dr. Eugenia Wang of the University of Louisville will discuss how scientists are examining microRNA to unlock mysteries of human health at the genetic level.

Grasping the New Reality: Enough is Enough — A series of crises have given consumers cause to distrust the food industry. This session will address how companies can handle a crisis to regain consumer confidence

The Algae Opportunity — From brain health to eye function, algae and DHA offer a sustainable source of vital nutrients throughout the food chain. During this session, find out why algae and its broad applications are stirring so much excitement in the food industry.

Re-Imaging Nutrition — The study of nutrigenomics, or nutrition’s effect at the gene level, is forever changing how the world perceives the importance of nutrition. Discover why the first 90 days of a child’s life are critical times for nourishment and how we have the potential to delay or eliminate disease through our diets.

Activating the Power Within Through Nutrigenomics — Feed not your body, but the genes in your body.

A Revolution. A Revelation — Discover the new concepts that will drive nutrition and its connection to health. Could diseases be delayed, mitigated, removed or eliminated if we simply adhere to some basic nutritional programs?

Feeding Your Children the Enhanced Levels of DHA in Their Breakfast Cereal — How can you use early life nutritional concepts to change their lives forever?

Forget about Chemical Descriptions of Proteins, Fats, Fibers and Amino Acids — Our diets will soon be defined by responses not to our DNA or RNA, but to our microRNA, which defines the switches that control our destiny.

Branding Food — Chefs attest that proper nutrition can taste delicious, too. Hear experiences from chef competitions.

Life Sciences — Innovative science has delivered unprecedented opportunities to extend our life spans and preserve the quality of life through the years. Hear about the future challenges of feeding the world in 2020 and how our nutritional choices will make a difference in the food production gap.

New in 2013, Alltech International Symposium delegates will have the opportunity to select breakout session tracks. These tracks, as opposed to traditional species or subject breakouts, will offer attendees a more holistic experience in which they take part in discussions ranging from algae and agriculture’s carbon footprint to nutrition and marketing.

“Insights through the science of nutrigenomics are connecting the dots of nutrition and longevity at the most basic level of human make-up,” said Dr. Kate Jacques, Alltech’s director of nutrition. “Today we are looking at how nutrition affects the expression of our genes – we want to feed our bodies to up-regulate key genes.”

This year, Alltech will award its annual Medal of Excellence to a major contributor in the field of nutrigenomics. Dr. Eugenia Wang, a professor at the University of Louisville, will be honored for her work in microRNA in both the U.S. and China. MircoRNA are a special class of small RNA molecules that influence how the basic genetic code is converted into functional proteins. Dr. Wang is studying how the expression of microRNA points to implications for human health, with potential to find nutrigenomic solutions for diseases such as obesity, cancer and diabetes. She will receive the Medal of Excellence and speak on “The Border Between Science and Magic” during the opening session Monday, May 20, at 9 a.m. in the Lexington Convention Center.

“When Watson and Crick discovered DNA, the world changed. Today it is not DNA that is at the cutting edge, nor is it the RNA message derived from the DNA. It is microRNA,” said Karl Dawson, chief scientific officer, Alltech. “Regardless of the genetic makeup, these newly discovered tiny pieces of RNA dictate how genes will function throughout an animal’s life, and Dr. Eugenia Wang is one of America’s and China’s finest scientists in this field of study.”

Registration for Alltech’s 29th Annual International Symposium is open.