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LEXINGTON: Stablesonline.com announces partnerships for the “Everyman”

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Feb. 27, 2012) – Gray Writer, the Principle of StablesOnline.com, a professional management company to be filed with the Delaware Division of Corporations, has announced the formation of a limited liability partnership to acquire seven Thoroughbred colts for the purpose of racing and breeding for pleasure and profit.

StablesOnline.com is taking the concept of crowd funding – where a community of individuals pool their money via the internet – to Thoroughbred investing in increments of $250.00.

Writer’s vision for StablesOnline.com, along with his executive partner John Fulton of John Fulton Bloodstock, LLC, and Chance Timm in Lexington, KY, is for StablesOnline.com partners to enjoy the full cycle of Thoroughbred racing.  StablesOnline.com partners will purchase as many $250 units as they wish to and begin their partnership with management’s ultimate selection of the colts, experiencing the excitement of the training and racing with the hopes of producing stallion prospects.

The StablesOnline.com business plan is ambitious, assuming that 10,000 units of $250 will be sold.  The business plan outlines the target investment of $250,000 per Thoroughbred colt, providing a professional team of agents and veterinarians who will be involved in the selection, purchasing process and management of each yearling’s racing career.

“There is no better time than now to get involved with Thoroughbred racing and at this low cost of entry, it brings the sport of kings to the ‘everyman’, and the women who seek the thrills and pageantry of the racing industry,” said Writer.

Writer and executive partner John Fulton have a combined 70 years in the Thoroughbred racing business with proven records of discovering, purchasing, and racing Thoroughbreds both nationally and internationally. 

“This type of approach to ownership will play an important role in the racing industry, precisely because the barriers to entry are being eliminated,” said Fulton, who has also been involved with creating racing partnerships in Argentina, and added, “I can assure potential partners that the joy of winning is just as great whether you own a part of a horse or 100% of the horse.”

For detailed information visit www.StablesOnline.com.