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LG&E-KU COO Paul Thompson addressed the 2013 KAM  Energy Conference.
LG&E-KU COO Paul Thompson addressed the 2013 KAM Energy Conference.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 9, 2014) – The Kentucky Association of Manufacturers is seeking speakers for its 4th annual energy conference, scheduled for May 14-15 at the Lexington Center in Lexington.

KAM is seeking speakers who can accurately, fairly and respectfully address the realities of the current environmental regulatory environment – specifically how manufacturers can manage new regulations and tighter enforcement.

Speakers should be able to address how the topic assists manufacturers in controlling their costs. A strong focus on currently implementable technologies or those that could become a reality in three to five years is encouraged, as are real case studies and success stories.

General areas of interest include:

♦Natural gas
♦Compressed natural gas
♦Waste water
♦Utility bill analysis
♦Power factor correction
♦Paybacks and cost justifications
♦Developing and recruiting talent

If you are interested in participating in the conference as a speaker, send the following to [email protected]:

Name, title, company, email and best phone contact information, along with your suggested topic(s.)   Please include the presentation title, a two- to three-sentence overview, and desired outcome(s) for the session. Submissions are limited to a one-page maximum.

All information is due by Monday, Jan. 27.