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LexArts begins search for CEO

Local search committee to be established; search firm to be used

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 31, 2014) — LexArts, Lexington’s community arts organization, is initiating the search for the successor to Jim Clark, who has served as LexArts president and CEO since 2002 and will retire June 30.

LexArtsLexArts is forming a dedicated nine-person search committee, as well as hiring an executive search firm. The search committee, chaired by David Smith of Stoll Keenon Ogden, will be comprised of five existing LexArts board members — three from its executive committee and two at large board members; two members from LexArts partner organizations; a local artist or educator and a representative of the city government.  The LexArts executive committee will select the search firm. LexArts hopes to have both the search committee in place and a search firm engaged no later than March 1 of this year.

“Our attitude toward this search is aspirational in nature. Jim Clark took us to a new level and we want our next leader to take us even further,” said John Long, LexArts board chairman. Part of this process includes an assessment of successes in other cities and long term goals and standards for our community. We want to ensure that our choices both sustain the gains from Jim’s leadership and further invigorate our arts community in a way that enhances our quality of life and makes Lexington an even more attractive destination.”

As to the timing of an appointment, Long added, “Ideally we will have a seamless transition — but it’s more important to find the right person than to hit a short term deadline, so I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility of an interim director if our search goes beyond July 1. In the meantime we encourage Lexington’s citizens and corporations to give generously to this spring’s Fund for the Arts campaign. It has never been more important.”