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Midway College signs academic cooperation agreement with Panamanian Institute

First group of students arrived in March

MIDWAY, Ky. (April 4, 2014) — Midway College signed an agreement with the Panamanian Institute for the Development of Human Resources (IFARHU — Instituto para la Formacion y Aprovechamiento de Recursos Humanos).

Midway-logoUnder this agreement, Midway College and IFARHU will work together to provide educational opportunities for Panamanians with Midway College via scholarships and competitive student loans, in addition to identifying other ways to collaborate for the benefit of Panamanian students who wish to enroll at Midway College and the benefit of all students, faculty and staff at Midway College.

“Midway College and the City of Midway will benefit tremendously from having these students join our campus student body,” said Dr. Laura Armesto, provost, Midway College.  “They will provide an additional cultural dimension, bring new global perspectives, and enable us to launch the first wave of what we hope will be a far-reaching international program to bring students to campus from many different countries and cultures.”

In December, Midway College hosted Sonia de Luzcando, general director, and Itzel Hubbard, chief international cooperation officer, for a campus tour, strategy meetings with staff and faculty and an official signing ceremony with Dr. John Marsden, president and Dr. Armesto.

Midway College staff member, Rosa Ponce-Sanabria, director, Office of Multicultural and International Affairs is heading up this effort and reports that the efforts are already showing results.

“The first group to arrive under this partnership was a group of eight teachers and three school administrators,” said Ponce-Sanabria. “The teachers were on campus four weeks and the administrators for six weeks. They attended education courses with the help of an interpreter and have now returned to Panama to put their newly acquired skills into practice at their schools.”

Dr. and Mrs. Marsden hosted the 26 Panamanian students for a welcome reception at Pinkerton-Rouse Place in March.

“The second group arrived in late March. This group includes 26 Panamanian high school graduates. They will participate in a nine-month College Readiness Program that the college has developed for them with courses in English conversation, leadership and cultural activities, and weekend excursions,” said Ponce-Sanabria. “After these students complete the College Readiness Program, they will matriculate as Midway College students.”