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Laura’s Lean Beef joins Kentucky Proud Program

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 10, 2014) — Laura’s Lean Beef has joined Kentucky Proud, the commonwealth’s official state agricultural marketing program. After growing to become the largest brand of natural beef in the U.S., Laura’s Lean Beef remains based in Lexington, Ky., where it began almost 30 years ago.

Kentucky ProudThe Kentucky Proud logo identifies farm products grown, raised, and/or processed in Kentucky.

“We are pleased to welcome Laura’s Lean Beef to the Kentucky Proud program,” said Agriculture Commissioner James Comer. “Laura’s Lean Beef buys millions of dollars worth of Kentucky beef a year. That helps Kentucky farmers stay on the farm, which is one of the core missions of Kentucky Proud.”

Laura’s Lean Beef raises many cattle in Kentucky, providing significant benefits to the local economy.

“We pride ourselves on collaborating with family farmers to raise naturally lean and gourmet breeds of cattle without the use of antibiotics or hormones,” said Chris Anderson, director of marketing. “The Kentucky Proud partnership proves our commitment to a quality product that is in touch with its roots.”

Laura’s Lean Beef began in 1985 with cattle purchased in Kentucky, and during the almost 30 years since, Kentucky farmers have contributed greatly to the brand’s growth.  Laura’s Lean Beef plans to continue to seek more Kentucky cattle as demand increases.

Products of Laura’s Lean Beef featuring the Kentucky Proud emblem are available in nearly 150 grocery stores across Kentucky.

Learn more at laurasleanbeef.com.