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Alltech health and wellness seminar to explore food as preventive medicine

Event will lead into Alltech International Symposium

LEXINGTON, Ky. (April 11, 2014) – What if diet proves to be the strongest defense against a variety of human illnesses and diseases? What if we really focused on nutrition as the base of wellness? A Health and Wellness Seminar leading into the start of the 30th Annual Alltech International Symposium with the theme of “What If?” will explore these topics in depth.

Fruit-and-VegetablesThe new program, “Health and Wellness Through the Food Chain” will take place on Saturday, May 17, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., and serve as a kickoff to the 30th Annual Alltech International Symposium in downtown Lexington, from May 18-21. Tickets are complimentary for those already registered for Symposium, or $100 for those wishing to attend only the Health and Wellness Seminar.

“Health and Wellness Through the Food Chain” will open with a talk by Dr. Pearse Lyons, founder and president of Alltech, regarding the top five concerns of consumers in today’s marketplace.

“Imagine the power we could harness if we realized that the answer to preventing and combating illness was right there on our plates,” Lyons said. “Our lives and our children’s lives could be forever changed as top minds continue to research improved nutrition throughout the food chain.”

A prestigious lineup of health and wellness experts will explore the fascinating topic of functional foods – foods with potentially positive effects on health beyond basic nutrition – and their ability to mitigate adult and childhood health concerns. Whether discussing the role of DHA-omega 3 fatty acids in children’s diets in helping to prevent or diminish attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, examining the role of seafood in public health, or discussing the possibilities of lowering the risk of coronary disease through diet, the seminar will showcase the power of food in preventing disease and other health challenges. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in lectures and discussions designed to encourage a free exchange of ideas.

Dr. Patrick Wall, associate professor of public health in University College Dublin’s School of Public Health and Population Science, will discuss the increased focus on human health and wellness in regards to animal production, compared with a past focus on animal performance alone.

Becky Timmons, technical director for Alltech Algae, will discuss DHA and natural food enrichment.

“In the past decade, our understanding of the importance of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly dietary DHA, has provided many new findings that have completely changed the way we think about human nutrition in terms of health and wellness,” said Timmons. “As we look toward the future of nutrition, we must be forward-thinking and create this modern path to longevity and wellness.”

The seminar will also feature Dr. Aoife Lyons, a licensed clinical psychologist, who will address brain development and the important role of nutrition and DHA in the growth and strengthening of brain synapses across the lifespan. Lyons will also examine the potential reasons for the dramatic increases worldwide in the diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and offer solutions for improved cognitive skills.

Other key sessions will investigate the importance of seafood in public health, as well as reversing the pandemic of coronary disease. For more information, visit the Health and Wellness Through The Food Chain web page.

Registration for the Health and Wellness Seminar is open now and available on the Alltech Symposium website for $100. Registration for Alltech’s 30th Annual International Symposium is also open and includes free entry to the Health and Wellness Seminar. Symposium registration is available for an early discount price of $599 until April 10.