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Algood Food Company earns safety and health award

Has gone more than 523,000 hours without a lost-time incident

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 30, 2014) — Deputy Secretary Rocky Comito of the Kentucky Labor Cabinet today joined company officials at Algood Food Company’s Louisville Riverport facility to recognize employees with the Governor’s Safety and Health Award. Algood’s employees have worked more than 523,958 hours without a lost-time accident or illness.

algoodAlgood started with a private label peanut butter production facility in Louisville in 1985. The company grew to begin producing jellies and preserves in Lawrenceburg in 1993, and expanded to a new facility in the Louisville Riverport area in 2003. Algood continued its growth with the purchase of Windstone Farms, based in Bourbon County, in 2012. Algood sells its products all over the world, exporting to Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and the Pacific Basin.
Built in 2003, Algood’s Louisville Riverport facility has approximately 204 employees working in the 100,000-square-foot building.
The company prides itself on using the most modern equipment and innovative manufacturing practices.

The Kentucky Labor Cabinet presents the Governor’s Safety and Health Award in recognition of outstanding safety and health performance. An establishment may qualify for the award if its employees together achieve a required number of hours worked without experiencing a lost-time injury or illness. The required number of hours is dependent upon the number of employees. In the case of Algood Food Company, the requirement is 500,000.