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Teleworks USA adds free online courses for telework employees

Courses benefit employees who work outside the office

(Aug. 7, 2014) — Teleworks USA continues growing its library of exclusive free online telework training for current and prospective work-from-home employees with the launch of two new courses on its website, teleworksusa.com.

Teleworks courses are aimed at employees who work out of the office via the Internet.

The courses — Communication and Work Environment/Self-Discipline — each take about one hour to complete, and help workers develop critical skills they need to succeed in the telework sector, one of the fastest-growing areas of the nation’s economy.

The first course helps workers learn what they can expect to encounter while working from home, and how to arrange and maintain an effective telework environment. Workers will also develop a better understanding of how self-discipline plays a vital role in successful telework.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a defined office area
  • Assessing and prioritizing household dynamics
  • Developing a support network
  • Delivering work
  • Establishing an effective workday routine

The second course offers instruction on communication and the critical role it plays in telework. The course covers communication’s role in teaching, instructing, persuading, and integrating, as well as the ways appropriate and effective communication can foster confidence, professional and personal respect, and the ability to reveal the worker’s skills to others.

The new courses follow the launch of two other free online courses in Customer Service and Generational Differences already available at teleworksusa.com. Teleworks USA will release more training in the coming weeks, including courses on home office ergonomics.

Though all current and upcoming courses are free, they do require registration at teleworksusa.com and completion of a user profile and online resume to participate. Each course can be taken multiple times at the Teleworks USA website until a satisfactory score is earned.

The online training curriculum will help provide home-based workers a broad background in critical skills for the telework sector.

An initiative of Kentucky Teleworks, Teleworks USA identifies and develops legitimate work-from-home opportunities, and helps people in Kentucky and across the nation prepare for and land these jobs.

When jobseekers register online at Teleworks USA, they get access to vetted telework opportunities from multiple employers they can apply for online.

Job seekers also can create a quality online resume featuring their credentials, work history, and qualifications by using the website’s resume builder. Participating employers can search these resumes in the Teleworks USA database to find the perfect candidates to fill their available telework positions.