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Lexington non-profit launches corporate health education program

Workshops help with violence, stress, relationships

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Aug. 18, 2014) — Lexington-based non-profit Lamplighters of America has launched a program to make an impact in corporate attendance, violence, stress, and relationships.

lamplightersThe workshop now available to leaders in corporate America is titled Labors of Love & Leadership and is a program within the Healthy Loving Leads to Healthy Minds curriculum. The workshop empowers leadership in the workplace to understand the stress response, not only in themselves, but in others who have a difficult time coping. Absenteeism, violence (co-worker and domestic), and stress are significant deterrents to the overall mental and physical health of an organization.

“It is our intent to give leaders tools to identify poorly coping individuals, ways to help them, and instill the importance of early intervention to maximize profits, reduce risk, and enrich relationships between leadership and team members,” said founder and executive director Rebecca Sowell. “We know that in corporate America, it is about producing the best quality product at the best price and our teams have to be healthy, functional and highly productive. Leaders can use tools learned in the Labors of Love & Leadership program to take their organizations to a higher level of productivity.”

Each program taught by Lamplighters of America is researched, written and taught by health professionals. The corporate brochure can be obtained at www.lamplightersofamerica.org. Contact Rebecca Sowell at [email protected] or by calling 859-227-5006 to discuss a program for your organization.