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September declared Bourbon Heritage Month

Industry generates $2 billion a year in gross state product

Kentucky Bourbon.
Kentucky Bourbon.

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Aug. 28, 2014) — Gov. Steve Beshear today declared September to be “Bourbon Heritage Month” in recognition of the 50th anniversary of Congress designating the spirit as America’s only native spirit.

“Kentucky’s thriving Bourbon operations continue to burnish the commonwealth’s reputation worldwide for quality, excellence and tradition,” Beshear said. “In addition, as one of our signature industries, Bourbon is a key driver of economic activity, attracting tourists, providing jobs and luring millions of dollars in investment.

Production has skyrocketed more than 150 percent in the last 15 years, with 1.2 million barrels filled in 2013, the largest production year since 1970.

Bourbon has generated $2 billion a year in gross state product, created 9,000 jobs, with an annual payroll of $415 million and produced $126 million in tax revenue every year.

A record number of tourists—571,701—visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour last year.