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GE modernizes the microwave

Advantium is like having four ovens in one

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Sept. 26, 2014) The latest microwave/wall oven combo is now available with GE’s most advanced cooking technology—the Advantium speedcooking oven—a kitchen multitasker.

GE Appliances logoThe Advantium is like having four ovens in one: Speedcook, true European convection, microwave and warming/proofing. Upgrading the microwave portion of the combo to the Advantium wall oven, GE is giving these appliance owners a plethora of cooking choices.

According to the American Institute of Architects, more activities are taking place in kitchens. While kitchens haven’t significantly increased in size, they are including more technology. On top of the increasing use of technology, more people are remodeling their kitchens. GE’s new Advantium/wall oven footprint and connections match those kitchens that already have the built-in microwave/wall oven set and could prove a space-saver for other consumers looking to remodel the kitchen without adding additional floor space.

The Advantium component of the wall oven combo features technology that harnesses the power of light, cooking the outside of the food like a conventional oven with radiant heat produced by halogen bulbs above and below the food. This halogen-produced heat receives a boost of microwave energy. The result is it browns food and cooks evenly and quickly—two to eight times faster than a conventional oven—while retaining food’s natural moisture.