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Stardust Cruisers, Thoroughbred Houseboats announce partnership

Joint venture will create the largest houseboat company in the country

MONTICELLO, Ky. (Oct. 8, 2014) — Stardust Cruisers and Thoroughbred Houseboats announced a joint venture to combine their houseboat manufacturing businesses into Trifecta Houseboats, which will be the largest houseboat company in the country.

Stardust Cruisers houseboat.

“The combined purchasing power of both companies will enable us to negotiate better pricing on components, which will flow through to our customers in savings,” said Jerry Harden, president of Trifecta. “In addition, development of new, improved building techniques will be accomplished more quickly at the combined volume of the three brands. Each company has its own strengths, and this joint venture will allow us to capitalize on our strengths and improve the quality of all brands.  Our companies possess the most talented work force in the industry, and we want to leverage their talents.”

Stardust Cruisers, the oldest continually operating houseboat company in the nation, has delivered more than 1,500 custom houseboats.  Thoroughbred Houseboats, which also manufactures the Sumerset Brand, has been in business since 1996.

Both companies are located in Monticello just a few miles from each other and currently have approximately 70 employees each.

The Stardust facility will be used to refurbish older houseboats and contain a new company, Wayne Manufactured Structures, which will focus on accelerating the Houseboat to Energy Efficient Residences initiative to create energy-efficient modular housing at the region’s houseboat plants.

A third houseboat plant, the old Waterways Houseboat Company, also will be leased for the new operation. Hulls will be manufactured there before being sent to the old Fantasy Custom Yachts/ Thoroughbred facility for finishing.