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EKU, Hazard Community partner for aviation program

Students can earn degree while staying close to home

RICHMOND, Ky. (Oct. 22, 2014) — Hazard Community and Technical College students can now earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation at Eastern Kentucky University without leaving home.

ekuThe schools signed a partnership on Monday that allows students to take and combine courses from the regional airport, the community college and EKU.

Students have the option to meet some technical class requirements through the Perry County’s Wendell Ford Regional Airport flight school, Perry County airport or any other local airports’ approved flight school program. Then students would complete their remaining freshman/sophomore general education course work through HCTC, and transfer the FAA certificates through EKU’s credit-by-examination process, back to HCTC to complete the AA degree.

The newly signed articulation MOA allows students to fold the aviation oriented two-year degree into EKU’s Bachelor’s of Science in Aviation: Aerospace Technology Concentration. The program was developed in response to an expected national shortage of certified pilots, because of retirement.

EKU’s Bachelor of Science degree has concentrations in Professional Flight, Aerospace Management, or Aerospace Technology (AT). In addition to a general aviation core, aviation students are required to take supporting courses in mathematics, statistics, physics, and business management. Graduates of the program are professionally prepared for all facets of the aerospace and aviation industry to include piloting, flight instruction, aviation management, and aerospace technology.

Jeannie Trumbo, EKU’s Hazard Regional Coordinator, will provide EKU admission application and advising assistance. Dr. Deronda Mobelini will also be available to provide HCTC assistance. Both are housed in The University Center of the Mountains located in the Jolly Classroom Center. Anyone interested in classes can call HCTC (606) 487-3182 or EKU (606) 487-3209.