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Louisville-based Advanced Energy Materials wins national award

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (Oct. 29, 2014) — The Louisville-based company Advanced Energy Materials LLC (AdEM) has been selected as a winner of the top 50 startups in 2014 by the TiECon Awards Program in Santa Clara, Calif.

The company was also awarded its first SBIR Phase II grant last summer from the National Science Foundation for a total of $750,000.

AdEM is a spinoff company of the University of Louisville, researching fuel improvements, fuel alternatives and nanowire applications to improve energy efficiencies.

The company holds an exclusive license agreement, with a patent portfolio of nine issued and four pending U.S. patents through the University of Louisville Research Foundation’s Office of Technology Transfer. The original technology was developed by researchers at University Louisville’s Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research.

Among the significant results of the research is a high performance catalyst product called AdeSulphur, which received a national award as well an additional grant.

Considered a social impact product, AdeSulfur derives from Advanced Energy Materials and reduces certain types of air pollutants at oil refineries and other industrial facilities effectively and to levels not before achievable. No other company has developed such a catalyst that reduces pollutants to a zero level.

AdeSulfur is useful for ultra-low sulfur fuels in common use areas such as diesel, gasoline, jet fuels and kerosene.In short, Ade Sulfur reduces greenhouse gas. The company is currently looking for larger facilities for its labs, anticipating demand.

The second grant AdeSulfer received allows for the opportunity to scale the AdeSulphur technology for commercial use.Advanced Energy Materials is in negotiations with an additional company that is interested marketing the AdeSulphur catalyst.