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Kentucky finalizes 20-year transportation plan

Intended to guide transportation efforts through 2035

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Nov. 13, 2014) — A guide to achieving Kentucky’s transportation plans and goals for the next 20 years — “Kentucky’s Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan: Planning to Make a Difference in America’s Tomorrow: 2014-2035” — has been finalized.

The 2014 plan, developed in conjunction with state transportation officials, stakeholder groups and public input surveys, is an overarching policy guide with goals, objectives and strategies to address the core transportation opportunities and challenges facing Kentucky. It serves as a resource for statewide organizations, policymakers and local communities to use to lead Kentucky’s present transportation system into the future.

ky transportation“This document outlines a plan for the state over the next two decades,” Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) Secretary Mike Hancock said. “We’ve identified our unique challenges and opportunities to put the Commonwealth on the right path for economic growth and improvements for our quality of life.”

KYTC last adopted a long-range statewide transportation plan in 2006. It reflected Kentucky’s transportation needs at that time. The 2014 plan is an update that represents the state’s policy, priorities and direction for addressing, within funding limitations, the major issues and obstacles Kentuckians may face in transportation through 2035.

The input from more than 16,000 participants in the 2013 “Your Turn” transportation survey was considered in the development of the draft 2014 plan. A public review of the draft plan occurred from May 7 through June 23, allowing for a 45-day comment window. More than 900 citizens provided comments in a second survey. The information collected from these efforts contributed to the final document.

The 2014 plan has captured the historical and collective efforts in the public and private sectors of the transportation system dedicated to providing safe and reliable trips for people and goods. The draft plan includes future transportation goals for the state that will:

  • Place a greater emphasis on investments that last longer and therefore cost less per year to operate;
  • Include emerging technologies that continue to improve system operation and state of good repair;
  • Be responsive to the needs of a growing population that will be older, more urban and more diverse than ever before in the state’s history;
  • Strive to make our roads increasingly safer as reflected in the recent trend of decreasing traffic fatalities along the state’s roadway network; and
  • Address the challenges associated with inadequate financial resources across all transportation modes that require innovation in raising revenues.

Transportation systems are never “completed” and can only function effectively when adequate investment is made to continuously develop and maintain the system. For safe and efficient travel to continue over the next 20 years and beyond, it will require efficient use of all KYTC resources to support the critical, publicly owned elements of the transportation system. It also will require continuing and strengthening its close working partnerships with private sector stakeholders in the other transportation system modes such as rail, aviation, bicycle/pedestrian and waterways.

The 2014 LRSTP project goals will be used to measure the effectiveness of proposed system improvements:

  • Providing a safe and secure system;
  • Maintaining and improving existing infrastructure on a continual basis;
  • Ensuring dependable, effective and efficient facilities;
  • Improving local, regional and global connectivity and access; and
  • Including all appropriate modes of transportation within a fully-integrated system.

A link to the final version of the 2014 Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan and other transportation information can be found by visiting www.transportation.ky.gov and clicking the “Your Turn” link. Or go directly to the Your Turn” website.