Support for Statewide Smoke-Free Law Remains Steady

Louisville, Ky.— The results of a Kentucky Health Issues Poll (KHIP) released today by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and Interact for Health indicate steady support for a statewide smoke-free law. The KHIP found that 66% of Kentucky adults now favor a statewide smoke-free law while only 29% oppose it.smoke-free Kentucky KHIP

“The data clearly show that most Kentuckians’ support a statewide smoke-free law,” stated Susan Zepeda, President/CEO of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. “The latest KHIP results show strong continuing public support among Kentuckians of all ages, walks of life, and varying political party affiliations.”

KHIP highlights include:

· Nearly 7 in 10 Kentucky adults (66%) favor a statewide smoke-free law, up from 65% in 2013, 59% in 2012, 54% in 2011 and 48% in 2010.
· Nearly 7 in 10 (68%) of those who identified themselves as being a Democrat support a smoke-free law while 67% of Republicans and 64% of Independents support the measure.
· Eight in 10 (80%) of Kentucky adults who have never smoked support a smoke-free law.
· More than 7 in 10 (71%) of former smokers want a smoke free law
· Support for a smoke-free law among current smokers stands at 4 in 10 (40%), which is up from 17% in 2010.
· More than 7 in 10 adults (75%) who reported excellent or very good health favor a smoke-free law.

Regionally, KHIP identified the greater Lexington area as having the highest level of support at 75%; greater Louisville showed 74% and western Kentucky showed 65% support. More than six in ten (63%) of northern Kentucky adults favor a statewide law, while 54% of eastern Kentuckians now say they support a statewide smoke-free law.

KHIP was funded by the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky and Interact for Health, formerly the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati. The poll was conducted October 8, 2014—November 6, 2014, by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati. A random sample of 1,597 adults from throughout Kentucky was interviewed by telephone, including landlines and cell phones. The poll has a margin of error of ±2.5%.

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