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UK professor receives $200,000 Innovative Research Grant from the Arthritis Foundation

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Jan. 9, 2012) – University of Kentucky’s Christian Lattermann, M.D., was awarded an Innovative Research Grant from the Arthritis Foundation. The two-year, $200,000 grant aims to support research that can lead to better treatments for post-traumatic arthritis in patients after knee joint injuries.

The project, titled “IL-IRA Treatment in Patients with Acute ACL Tear and Painful Effusions,” will study a novel treatment that may reduce pain and postpone or prevent long-term development of arthritis in young patients who have torn their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Lattermann is an associate professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine at UK. As director of the UK-Center for Cartilage Repair and Restoration, he has a special interest in patients who develop early arthritis after athletic injuries. He has assembled a world class team of researchers to advance the treatment of patients with post-traumatic arthritis. This multi-center research project will be directed by Lattermann and includes experienced collaborators such as Dr. Darren L. Johnson (UK) and Dr. Kurt P. Spindler (Vanderbilt University), both experts in ACL injuries as well as Dr. Virginia B Kraus (Duke University), a world renowned expert in biomarker analysis in arthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation’s mission is to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis. The Kentucky Branch delivers this mission through efforts in public health, public policy and research. The Arthritis Foundation is the largest private nonprofit contributor to arthritis research in the world, funding over $400 million in research grants since 1948. There are currently over 1.2 million children and adults with arthritis in Kentucky, one of the highest state prevalence rates in the nation. To learn more, visit www.arthritis.org or call 1-800-383-6843.

Founded in 1948, the Arthritis Foundation is the leading health organization addressing the needs of some 50 million Americans living with arthritis, the nation’s most common cause of disability.