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Gov. Beshear issues executive order to ban price gouging

Also issues executive order to allow emergency prescription refills

FRANKFORT, Ky. (Feb. 17, 2015) — Gov. Steve Beshear today issued two executive orders to protect consumers from price gouging and to ensure families have access to needed prescription medicines.

Price Gouging Executive Order

UnknownThe emergency declaration triggers several consumer protection measures that will remain in place for 30 days, but may be extended past that time as needed.

The order empowers Attorney General Jack Conway to investigate and prosecute, where appropriate, those who sell gasoline, generators, building supplies, chain saws, hotel rooms and other necessary goods and services at an exorbitant price in a time of disaster.

Anyone with specific information regarding possible price gouging should contact the Office of the Attorney General at 1-888-432-9257 or email [email protected].

Prescription Drug Executive Order

Beshear also issued an order which allows pharmacists to refill up to a 30-day supply of needed prescriptions without a physician’s refill order, excluding controlled substances. This order is effective in every county in Kentucky.

This executive order will be in effect through Feb. 24.

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